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Adaway Apk : Download v3.2 For Android [ Latest Version ]

Adaway apk: Adaway is a tool that is used for blocking the advertisements by blocking the pop-ups while the user is browsing on the android device. Adaway Apk application is developed by the developer named Dominik Schurmann. The application can be used on any device with the android operating system like Mobiles, Tablets, etc. In addition to this, tAdaway apk application also helps the users to choose the host files in the device used by the users. The Adaway apk application will locate all the other applications with the advertisements and block them as per the preferences of the user. The application also provides the option for downloading host files in the application and they can be used by the user.

Adaway Apk Download For Android And ios:

The Adaway application is used by the user by creating the list of websites that are needed to be blocked by adding the exceptions to them. The host addresses also can be added to this list by the user if he wants to and all these settings will be configured as per the preferences are given by the user. The user will be able to blacklist or whitelist the web servers or other additional host files altogether with the help of the Adaway apk application on android devices. This blacklisting and whitelisting are done with the help of the log that consists of the DNS requests of the android device.

Adaway Apk

Adaway Apk Download And Features:

The Adaway apk is the application file that will be downloaded when the user installs the application present in the F-Droid and this file is used for installation on the devices with android operating system. This apk file can be shared with the other devices and it can be installed manually when the Google Play Store is not available. The application file is removed from the Google Play Store along with the other ad blocking applications in 2013. The application file will direct the requests of advertisements in other applications to the different IP addresses from which the results are not provided. The requirements for the Adaway apk for downloading it on the android devices are mentioned below.

  • The device should consist of the android operating system of the version 4.1 or higher.
  • The device should be root enabled because the application is not supported on the no root device.
  • The system partition of the android device should be enabled with the reading and write access.
  • The device should be rooted because the non-rooted device because the user cannot access all features which are described above. This issue can be solved with the help of other applications which are used in non-rooted devices.

Installation of Adaway apk Download:

The apk file is downloaded from the online F-Droid store and stored in the android device namely mobiles or tablets. The security settings should be changed to allow the installation from unknown sources. Then the apk file should be installed by double clicking on it. The application should be opened using the app drawer on the android device.


The Adaway apk application is a user-friendly application for blocking the advertisements appearing on other applications like Gaming, Cab Aggregators, etc. The user can set the preferences for blocking the advertisements on specific applications that are needed by him. The user can save a lot of time by installing this application as it blocks the advertisements and the continuity in the application are never disturbed with the Adaway apk application running in the background of the android devices. The apk file of the application is the main source for blocking the advertisements. if you have any doubts regarding Adaway apk Download comment below. we will clarify your doubts on it.

Updated: May 13, 2017 — 6:39 am

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